20 Things About Cats

20 Things About Cats: Cats are exquisite characters, each cat has a personality if you take the time to watch and study your kitty.

Here are some things you may not know:

1. Their scientific name is Felis Catus

2. Their eye sight is inferior during daylight but 6 times better than humans at night, as the need less light to see.

3. Cats can be found all around the world, there are over 200 breads, from Greenland to Africa.

4. Cats can swim, they prefer not to, their coats don't insulate well so it's not comfortable for cats to get wet.

5. To conserve energy cats can sleep on average for 13-14 hours. In hot countries it can be up to 18 hours.

6. Purring is a form of self healing for a cat, it communicates nervousness or contentment.

7. The average life span is 12 to 15 years.

8. A group of cats is call a clowder.

9. Cats provide a health benefit by elevating negative feelings brought on by solitude and sickness. Also reducing the chances of stroke and heart attack.

10. 20 muscles control their ears and they can move 180 degrees separately.

11. They hear sounds at 64khz, humans hear at 20khz.

12. Cats are lactose intolerant, that's why it's suggested not to give them milk.

13. Female felines mostly use their right, where males favour their left paw.

14. They can jump 6 times their length.

15. Kitties sweat through their paws and this secreted scent marks a cats territory.

16. Feline cats have tiny bumps and ridges on their nose which makes them unique like fingerprints.

17. Disney land employs 200 cats for rodent control.

18. Cats whiskers help a cat measure a space they can fit into.

19. Domesticated cats can be traced back to 1 of 5 African cats and have been around since 8000BC.

20. Cats learn through observation, imitation, trial and error, storing information that can potentially save their life. But they cannot reflect on previous events, so they won't make the connection of punishment and previous actions, therefore they cannot plot revenge on you.