Benefits of owning a Cat

It's hard to pinpoint why someone wants or gets a cat as a pet, but you cannot argue that they are truly loving fascinating creatures. Some cats are bred for show but all cat owners can say they enjoy the companionship of a feline friend. Originally used for hunting and keeping vermin down, cats enjoy our company too, they are loyal and endearing. Owning a cat has a physiological benefit, also lightening emotional moods and psychological matters. A cats affection can ease solitude, stress and depression. Studies suggest having a cat to pet and stroke provides a relaxation feeling of comfort and peace. Being responsible for a pet encourages confidence. Having a cat to care for is a boost to ones esteem, feeling needed promotes an optimistic outlook. Children gain a sense of achievement caring and befriending a cat.

The shy or elderly benefit from having a cat in their lives as cat people attract other cat people, making friends over a mutual love of kitties. You are also doing your bit for your community and environment. Cat shelters are full of unwanted kitties from irresponsible owners, adopting a cat from the shelter - usually de-sexed and vaccinated - eases the burden to charities and councils. Cats are low maintenance so their carbon footprint is lower by eating less and more non beef products than dogs. Whatever your reason for owning a cat, you will never be the same once you have found your feline friend.