Common Health Problems For Cats

Some health problems are hereditary and some can be preventable, get advice and research for the best treatment for your kitty. Worms - include tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms - require regular worming treatments. Testing needs to be done if a cat has problems with gaining weight, flea issues or you notice white specks in stools. If left untreated it can be fatal. Hairballs are common and sometimes hard to avoid, most cats can dislodge these without issue. Rarely can it cause intestine blockage causing constipation and becoming life threatening. Regular brushing help minimise loose hair the cat can digest when they groom themselves; providing catnip grass to chew can break down hairballs inside kitty. A urinary tract infection is more common in un-neutered male cats, the urine starts to smell really strong. Your vet can treat with medicine, providing plenty of fresh water is very helpful.

A highly contagious virus is feline leukaemia, once a cat is exposed their life span is no very long. This virus is avoidable by keeping kitty vaccinated and up to date. FIV is another virus for cats to avoid, seclusion is the best action for protection. Just like humans cats can have food issues too. Diarrhoea can occur with a change in diet; diabetes can come from improper food intake; vomiting from food not prepared properly or a food allergy. Any of these issues can lead to dehydration, monitoring your cat is a must, providing healthy food and fresh water is a basic requirement. Cats also get bad breath similarly to us too. Caused by bacteria found in the mouth that breaks protein down and releases the sulphur compounds. Build up of tartar around the teeth is a yellowish colour that is a coating of bacteria, food and minerals. You can provide special foods to reduce the build up, some have an enzyme to dissolve it. Your vet can professionally clean kittys teeth or you can with a mechanical toothbrush and toothpaste also with enzymes. Regular checks and vaccinations and healthy lifestyle will give you a happy healthy feline.