Kitty Furniture

Kitty Furniture

Cat tree, condo, climbing poles, scratching posts, cat baskets, igloos, tunnels, hidey holes, wheel, incline, box, hammock, sling: cat furniture is as wide and varied as furniture for our own homes. Preparing for a cat in your life can be similar to preparing a nursery, you can have as much or as little as you would like, in any style.

You may prefer to use your hands and make it yourself, visit  Cat Tree Builder Pro to find some great plans.

The basic furniture you will need is a litter tray and a cat bed of some sort, such as a fluff cushion. With today's market you can go overboard with heaps of fun pieces and designs. For a happy kitty, furniture they can claim as their territory will save a lot of strain toward your own furniture's condition.

Cats like hidey holes to feel safe and cosy and up high places to feel superior. They are natural climbers, which is a great exercise for them, so make sure the materials used can withstand your kitty cats activities.

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