Kitty Meals

Kitty Meals

We have to feed our pets with the most nutritious food so that they can grow well and be free from possible sickness. Healthy food is of course one of the most important needs of cats. Basic nutritional needs of your cats includes protein from a meat, fish, or poultry source. Also essential amino acid, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids are beneficial to a healthy cat diet. Always supply fresh clean water, cow's milk or cream is not a requirement, cat specific milk is preferable.

 Feed your cat a variety of  food, they get bored easily if you feed them with the same food all the time. Mix it up a little with tinned, dried or homemade is a good start. With plenty of variety on the market always check the ingredients and note what your feline friend prefers and you have a sure fire happy kitty.

 Just like us a good healthy diet is best and the results will show that.


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