Kitty Remembrance

Kitty Rememberance

When dealing with grief, everyone has differing ideas of what it should like. There is not a right or wrong way to process feelings when we lose a loved one, most consider their pet a loved one and feel they need to have a memorial or remembrance piece for their furry friend. There are many creative ways to mark the passing of kitty. Ranging from diy picture frames to marble headstones; custom jewellery to wind chimes; memorial stones to plaques. Like the grieving process how we chose to memorialise a pet is a personal decision. If you know someone who has lost a cat it may be difficult to ease their sorrow, a remembrance could replace any words.

Perhaps some people you love have lost their pet and are helpless now?...  a great way to show them your love and care with an introduction to a revolutionary way of coping with pet loss -  How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery!!

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